Hand and Foot Gel Polish

Here at Jop Uptown Nails we offer hand and foot gel polish to clients in Lagos Nigeria. You can choose to have either your hand or your feet gel polished with a choice of colours from the  season collection and we guarantee your satisfaction. Your hand and feet are some of the most prominent features and are generally on show for the world to see, therefore it is imperitive that they always look their best daily or for special day or night out with friends, colleagues or loved ones.

Gel polish for you

Your hands are what you use to greet people with and therefore they are one of the first parts of your body which other ladies can be impressed by. With JOP specialised gel polish you can be assured that not only will your hands look their best but they will feel great too. Please see our procedure below:

When you are in Lagos town there is nothing better than having a perfectly gel polish set of nails and once we have arrived with your ready manicured nails, it takes a second to choose the gel colour you desire.

When performing gel polish the initial step is to remove any previous *traditional nail polish from your fingers and toes. We recommend that you remove unknown gel or acrylic products from your nails prior to your arrival though *traditional nail polish and gel nail polish  we are happy to assist in the removal.

Once we have the any *traditional nail polish  or gel polish removed, we will then prepare your nails for shaping if desired. We do this to ensure that the nails will not splinter; after all we want them looking the best, we will start with nail filling the nails ever so gently into the shape you request.

Prepping for gel nail Polish

We have now finished the filing part of the procedure and so, we will now moisturize your hand with a lovely hydrating cream before we prep your hand for polishing.
After we have left your hand moisturizing for a while, we will then apply a polish remover to the nails to ensure we have no residues of the creams left on the nail. We want the polish to go on correctly.
Finally, we will apply the polish colour you have chosen. We can advise you with colour choice and can match and compliment your nail colour choice to whichever outfit you will be wearing on that day or evening to make sure you look your best, and remember this is all done from your own hotel room ,salon or home.

The advantage of gel polish compared to traditional nail polish is that it doesn’t chip and could last anywhere from two to three weeks opposed to 4 days with traditional nail polish nails.

With gel polish there’s no drying time , no fear of smudging and quick and easy to apply using UV lamp to cure gel polish is a quick and easy solution for everybody.

Gel polish

Here at JOP nails we specialize and offer only gel polish.

Why only gel polish? Today on the beauty nail market, there are so many different choice of nail products and treatments to choose from. At JOP we like to keep it simple.

We focus just on 1 product to give you the best experience ever.

Together with Akzentz UV gel system, JOP can offer an expert and focused service on gel polish, it’s easy and quick to apply and our aim is to have satisfied customers without any confusion to what we offer. Gel polish is for the customer who wants quick and beautiful results.

JOP Gel nails offer you a quick unique service

3 Step Process


You arrive with already natural nails, clean nails as we do not offer a manicure or pedicure only service. We file your nails to the desired shape

2. Apply

From a choice of many great colours , you choose the colour of your desire. We prep your nails as necessary, we apply your choice  of colour with 2 layers of gel polish

3. Dry

Your nails are cured several times with our UV lamp to ensure durability and smudge free result

Your treatment is over and your hands and feet are conditioned with our hydrating cream, you are ready to go

After service

JOP are happy to see you again in 2 to 3 weeks to renew your nail colour and start the 3 step process again

*Traditional nail polish is nail vanish