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hand manicure

When did the manicure first get recognized in history? Well, if we look at the history of the manicure, historical records first really show the manicure being performed by the Babylonians way back in 3500 BC and the interesting thing about these manicures, it was not the women who had the manicure performed but the men. The men of the Babylonian society used to color their nails using a substance called kohl as a status symbol. The highest parts of society would paint their nails black whilst those in the lowest echelons of society would have their nails painted green.

Black nails

Thorough out history, we can see the manicure being used by both male and female members of various societies as a way of showing their status off. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese were well known to have used various colorings and ointments to spruce their hands up.

Manicures in the 20th Century

It was not until the 20th century that we see the manicure becomes more of a popular fashion and specifically in the 1920 who we all know was fashion heaven, when girls and ladies would use paint, a high gloss paint to color their nails. This was the accepted way of applying nail paint until in 1932, when Revlon, which is still an ongoing concern, released their first nail polish which was pigment based. The only way was up from then on with actresses showing off their nails in movies.

half moon manicure

Arrival of Fake nails

It was in the 1950’s that acrylic nails exploded on the nail scene and the arrival of fake nails was here to help move the manicure to a different level. Salons were the in thing; with ladies meeting their weekly to have their nails painted polished or applied to their fingers. Since then we have seen the production of artificial nails soar and the nail painting industry explode into a multibillion USD industry worldwide, after all, every girl wants to look her best.