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Many people think, albeit wrong, that artificial nails are a recent addition to the female accessory world but in reality, artificial nails have been around since the 1300’s when ladies of noble birth within the Ming Dynasty in china wore artificial nails as a status symbol. Throughout history ladies have adorned artificial nails as a compliment to their natural beauty, at least in most cases. Though there have been many attempts to clone nails as such over the centuries, it was not until 1954 when a dentist going by the name of Fred Slack broke one of his own nails and after doing so, he replicated a nail to cover his broken nail and thus the modern variant of an artificial nail was born. Though his first attempts were not exactly up to standard, he and his brother kept on trying to create the perfect artificial nail until they created the company behind the first nail patent, Patti Nails.

Growth of the Artificial Nail Industry

With the advent of Patti Nails, an industry was born and through the years since Patti nails inception the industry and grown substantially, if not amazingly. Nearly every girl or woman in the developed world has artificial nails in or on their dressers and even the developing nations, as materials become increasingly cheaper due to mass production, we are seeing a pickup in sales within these nations. If we look at sales increases from the years 2012 to 2014 as is stipulated in the charts below, we can see that the latest global value on artificial nail sales went from 7.47 billion USD in 2012 to 8.54 billion USD in 2014 showing serious exponential growth.

Global Nail Sales

How is the Growth of Artificial Nails Booming?

There are a number of contributing factors towards the current boom in nails but the main factors which are pushing the growth are the birth of social media which has enabled access to global trends and fashions and the ability of small business owners to run a business just with artificial nails. Many young people see the ability of have a mobile nail package or mobile nail kit as a great way to earn a living and in some countries, especially in the developed nations, quite healthy living can be made through what is increasingly known as nail art.

OMG Nails

What is the Future for Artificial Nails?

As with any fashion or accessory sector, we can expect to see a dip in trends as other fads take over but artificial nails have become so ingrained in many societies across the globe, with teen age girls and adult women taking advantage of their benefits, the short to midterm future for artificial nails can only be seen as positive.

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